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Only Kindness Matters

In December of 2009, I attempted to hitch-hike from Los Angeles, CA to Florida. I wanted to witness the kindness of people and find adventure along the way.

50 minutes, August 2010



I love it. Your movie is so pretty. It showed me so much, hope You'll have another great trips and adventures ;)
Julian, Kate, hugs and greets from Poland

KubaJun 5, 2012

Man, this was awesome to watch. I thought I was kinda on the edgy side traveling alone, but hitchhiking? That's a whole new level. Glad you both made it safely, look forward to more clips.

AlexOct 14, 2011

Julian! I just saw all your docs. Late night now. Might go to work late tomorrow. 1,000 of questions in my head. I'll ask you tomorrow...Unbelievable in all aspect!

TongOct 13, 2011

Julian: Great video. I loved it. I put a link of your video on my blog.

I have been hitchhiking the United States for most of 15 years now. You met some great people on your trip. I hope more people see your video.

Tim SheyApr 30, 2011

you don't know me and will probably never meet me, but I just want you to know that that was one of the best videos I've ever seen on the internet.

thank you.

danFeb 8, 2011

Truly truly beautiful. I am at a loss for words.

I loved every part of it.


The end.

EstefSep 16, 2010

if you're down Jules, lets do it!

Min OhAug 29, 2010

now i truly understand why you didnt mind getting lost yesterday.

royAug 29, 2010

can't begin to describe how amazing that was.
wish i could trade brains with you. loved every moment!

sunAug 22, 2010

Great Julian. You really having amazing talents. The whole thing was great. The guy who took the nostril spray shots? Crazy. Great message too. I'm glad you're doing what you love.

carriesuyonAug 22, 2010


That was so awesome!! I've always loved your style and I think you have what it takes to make an awesome indie film.

If you wanna work with me on a 3 minute short from


let me know. It's a 3 minute film based on four lines of dialogue that the website gives you. The top 5 films get $3000 each. It's due on September 15, but I want to start on September 1st because my documentary on Chad, Africa is due on August 31st.

But yeah, your film was so inspiring and very interesting.
How did Kate decide to go with you? That's so cool.
I'm so touched at the genuine kindness of people. It's hard to find that here in LA.

Loved all the Christian people who picked you up and their words, and all the weird people too. God loves them all.

Paul KwakAug 18, 2010

That's awesome. It's seriously the best thing I've seen in a while. You're a great guy.

SamAug 17, 2010

Prayed for you both that you'd only meet up with nice wierdo's. Everyone needs an awesome adventure at least 3 times in life. I know you have at least one under your belt now. Peace Love Gloria

Gloria MarieAug 17, 2010

That was amazing.

jonyAug 17, 2010

Hey man, I love your works, always have. What a journey you took me on. We have to see a work from you next TOM!

sun kimAug 17, 2010

i loved it, jules!
it's really amazing. can't believe it's REAL... if that makes sense. and it's extremely refreshing to see kindness like that. thanks for sharing it with us.

Jenny LeeAug 17, 2010


youre freaking awesome jules!

James MinAug 17, 2010

You friggin' amaze me. Is there anything you can't do? Great job on the documentary. Hopefully when I come back home from Berkeley, you and I will have some great adventures worth documenting. Take care and keep up the great work.

Paul S.Aug 17, 2010

Omgohs you remembered the panties guy lol!

KateAug 17, 2010

dang im jealous now. that was an awesome trip you had. when i heard about what you did and what you learned from it, i was amazed but actually watching the trip is beyond amazing. no words can decribe it. and the guy that talked about the good samaritan was my personal favorite. he is dead on what he was saying.

Jonathan YooAug 17, 2010

i think this is a beautiful video and i thank you for sharing it with me! It was really nice to see true Americans helping one another.

since moving to LA i myself have become much more jaded, but having good friends like you to remind me what love and sincerity can mean to others.

i wish you all the best in life with many more positive experiences like this.

p.s. i don't know anything about editing but everything flowed together real well .... good job!

rachelAug 17, 2010

WOW. philosophy meets art. two of my favorite subjects tied into an adventure. good ass job. i like how you went with a simple concept and actually went out to do it. lots of people talk, but you lived something a lot of people hear stories about or pass judgement at. you shined a light on how raw hitch hiking is.
my favorite parts were the reenactments followed by actual movie clips.
i dont know any of the people who picked you up or helped you along the way, but i wish them the best.

Jonathan LeeAug 16, 2010

Julian, you're crazy for doing this. I wish I had more background on Kate; since, you know, I already know you. Didn't think she was from New Zealand! And did she just leave home for New Zealand afterwards? You did an awesome job with the editing. That John "minister" guy was super shady. And Gary "Carrie" was pretty hilarious. It's interesting that people talk about Christianity very openly but their beliefs on God (YHWH), church, Christians, and theology is not so correct. But I agree with Kate: it's great to see people genuinely helping others. And I couldn't believe you left Kate alone at one point. WOWOWOW. I was going to smack you! But what a great adventure. How many days/weeks did it take you guys? And what stuff did you take//didn't take? And isn't hitch hiking illegal? How come no one fined you guys or arrested? Anyway, I'm so glad that you two made it safe across the U.S.

SophiaAug 16, 2010

I went to Florida to visit a friedn but he was still in Kansas the lazy as so I just caught a bus up to New York. Was in the US fro a couple of months after the trip.

We just brought sleeping bags and clothes etc. And Julian brought a tarp to sleep on.
Was big enough for two people.

Hitchiking is usually legal as long as you don't hitchike on interstates.

That John guy was creepier than on the video. He was going the other way then turned around and waited for us up the road. Then he said he could give us a ride but went in the other direction. He made a joke about bashing Julian on his head for his camera. I opened the door while he was driving when he didn't turn around when I told him he was taking us the wrong way.

Maybe he was nice, or maybe he thought we were just bums and didnt respect us or maybe he gets off on frightening people.

Oh and I just realized something he said we could stay at his house, yet he also said we could take cold showers at a gym? So why not at his house? Makes no sense.

Anyway it was an awesome trip! Julian has done a great job editing the video!

KateAug 17, 2010

Oh dang. Thanks so much for answering my questions, Kate! I'm so glad that you guys were safe and had an adventure together.

SophiaAug 18, 2010

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