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I'm a !*%@?$^ Dragon

Whitney uses her imagination as a means to find her place in society.

18 minutes, May 2011


This is great stuff. I love the shots, the narration, the raw feelings, and the energy.

SophiaOct 18, 2011

Awesome story. Where did you guys get the idea? I've heard of cosplay but I didn't realize people dressed up as furrys. I like the part were Whitney and her family are eating pizza. The shot of her and her friends in their furry costumes is so awesome! This is the side too america that I love.

KateOct 11, 2011

Hey Kate,

I'm glad you liked our doc! Whitney is actually a good friend of mine and also my neighbor. I joked about doing a documentary about her and then it somehow became serious. I know I was pretty shocked at how big the gatherings can get.

JamesOct 11, 2011

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